Journey Time

• The slow speed and limited frequency of rail services between Derry and Belfast
were amongst the issues highlighted in the 2021 Union Connectivity Review.
• The end-to-end journey time from Derry-Belfast by train is 2hrs 12mins. This is
significantly slower than by road

Network Isolation

Derry also has the most isolated train station on the Northern Ireland Rail network and the second-most isolated on the island.

Frequency & Capacity

• The 34 miles of track west of Coleraine are single-width, with only one location where trains can pass each other (at Bellarena station).
• This severely limits capacity & frequency of service to/from Derry and the two other stations in the west.
• In contrast, the line east of Coleraine has passing loops approximately every 8-10 miles, so does not face these limitations. That section of the line is therefore enabled to have a rush-hour frequency of one train every 30mins from Belfast between 4-6pm on weekdays. These services can only travel as far as Coleraine, however, as they cannot be accommodated west of there.